My 101 Poetic Thoughts


Meet me tonight donít be late
I have smart body and you are my mate
I want to show you every thing what I have
Top of my body head under the hair
There is fore head between hair and eyes
Above my eyes fore head
Behind the fore head there is brain
Using for thinking protecting from drain
Down eye brow
Sitting my face on my neck
Have lot of hair of beard
In centre lips
Above is mustache
Under the nose
Left right chicks
Holding ear
Down the neck left right shoulder
Holding my arms from elbow to fingers
All five fingers of each hand have beautiful nails
Each hand have nicely engraved fingerprints
Looks like a map
Letís pass by chest to west to hip go down to knees
Two knees in two legs two foot I am using to wear shoes
Every foot has five fingers
Not equal not same
Every thing I told you
Every thing together came
I like my eyes I like my feet
I like my nose and also ears I need
I love my toes and knees
Ankle elbow or under the feet
I have smart body
I want to show you if you need
I am all yours head to toe
Every thing I show you
Now its your turn you show me too

Body language You can describe your love in so many ways.††
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