My 101 Poetic Thoughts


On the time of selection
When God asked me
What do you want?
I asked your gathering
But now you said I am bothering
My whole life is for you
But from your side little respect is due
When you talk with me
Your teeth are grinding
I try to love you as a bribing
But nothing is helping
If you do not wish to be compromising
How will we live together?
We are living under one roof but are separated
I never asked for this I want to accommodate
I am living in the same room but your presence is missing
I love you that’s great
But ah you never appreciate
Don’t you have the courage to say hi?
For whom who is ready for you to die?
Still there is time
Just kiss me I want to taste lime
And I will forget every thing
It will make our relation smooth
I will be happy and forget you were ever rude
Or if you can not do this
I wish you would point to me and shoot 
Better then this life I will prefer to go
Far from your world to choose my own
Then you will realize you made a mistake
Without me there will not be any date
"Worse thing in life is if some one your own ignores you and doesn't care for you at all?"
November 17, 2005 2:15am Markham Ontario Canada
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