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My Wife

My Wife

Today every one is quite††††††††††††††††††††††
Because of my wife
She is always right
Because she is my wife
Before marriage I was very excite
Now every time I am afraid of bite
From my wife
Before she was shy and quite
Now every one hide
From my wife
No matter where money I hide
Nothing hidden any site
From my wife
Itís true I can not live without my wife
But itís very hard to face my wife
She is my wife
She is my life
But itís difficult to compromise
With my wife
If I want to go for outing or long drive
She wants to stay home and rest like bride
No matter how much I try
If I wants to stay home
She gets mad
I am hiding from her like rat
No matter what I wants to do
She is opposite sex thatís why
Oppose every thing what I tried
No matter its wrong or right
She is my wife
She have problem even with air where she breathe
She just wants to fight with every crease
She is my wife
Tonight I want to stay awake or sleep late
But she hate
She wants to sleep and wakeup late
Because for me tea or coffee she can not make
She is my wife
Itís not easy to realize
That she is my wife

" I Love you" Almost every one every day saying to his wife its true very few of them happy from the wife but still its most important to have wife."

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