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Bill C36

I came here for peace but where is peace of mind
I am stuck here
I was better there I find
There are lots of bills you have to pay
You can not ignore you can not say never mind
On top of all there is bill c36
If you are not obeying here like slave
That can fix
This is very special bill
With hydro or gas do not mix
Because of bill C22, C35, C42 or bill C36
Always your life or your freedom in risk
Freedom of speech but only in books
You can not even protest on because of this
Its now yes sir state
Police or military can make any time against you case
They do not need any evidence or prove
Just they can say you are from certain group
You are not allow to refuse
Because of some one from far you can be trapped
You even donít know troubler but you can called betrayed
There is no way to escape
My lord what kind of is it bill c36
We already have enough bills
To pay those bills
Not enough time for my children
Not enough time to sleep
Going early for work coming late
Once my younger one asked mother who is this uncle
Why some time he is coming at our home is he your date
On top of all there is bill c36
Can we find justice any where?
If being citizen I can not find in my own country then where
I am crying with tear
From racism how we can escape
Itís very important this bill to change or update
Or another social disaster we will face

29 Dec 2005† 12:35am
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