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Thought you were gone

Hey gotta go.
Gotta hit a show.
Gotta make it right.
Gotta make it slow.
Hey im back from the show.
Oh you sleeping now…..? Alright.
 –The guy leaves, she wakes up-
I woke up you weren't there;
Beside the bed it was bare.
I called you several time but you didn’t answer.
I was worried everything seemed so blurry.
I went to your house I entered and everything was broken.
I cried, I thought you died.
I searched around to find you, you were no where.
It’s been weeks and I haven’t seen you for long.
I have been crying and crying,
I begged for you to come back.
I went across your house and I saw police’s there.
I cried too much and I went back home.
I burst through the door seams of tears rolling down my face...
I tripped over myself not being able to keep up a good pace.
I have come back home I saw your footprints and tears;
I went to my house I only saw shatted mirrors.
I looked for you, you were no where to be found.
I ran through the doors and around back,
But a man was staring there dressed in black.
It looked like he was holding a gun.
I was frightened.
I ran and ran until….
He was gone.
I took a deep breath and I headed back home quickly before that man saw me.
At night I was wondering why he wanted to kill me.
It was strange that night I heard complete silence.
I usually hear noises going on at night.
I slept the whole night and next day I went to her house and saw if she was there…
But she wasn’t at all.
I looked everywhere…
But nothing was in there.
I went to your house again.
I saw you.
You saw me.
We were happy.
Everything worked out how it should been.

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