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My Friend

My Friend

This is a poem dedicated to a good friend
a friendship that has no end

I just wanna say
that imma always be there
Be there every day
cuz i will always care

Make you smile
through thick and thin
It makes my life worthwhile
to see you win

Hurts me whenever i see you cry
Know that i willl never leave your side
So let those tears dry
And let me show you the upside

No matter what
imma always give you respect
I know im too much of a nice guy
but thats what you gotta accept
For a friend i will die
What do you expect

If someone were to hurt you
imma get violent
Hurting my friend is a crime
so get ready to face punishment

Make my friend bleed
Same will happen to you
but it will exceed
I dont play around foo
Im a good friend indeed
Protecting you
is my creed

I treat you like my equal
Theirs no such thing as a follower or a leader
We all are the same people

I will always appreciate
Never ever am i gona hate.
For a friend
ill put my life at stake.
It would hurt me more
If your heart were to break.
And just to make u feel better
I would cry a lake

Now just cuz i got new friends
and now we dont really chill much.
Dont mean we aint no more buds
im still there to beat the person who gave u cuts

Even when were gona go our seperate ways
ill still be coming to everyone of your birthdays
ill go to hell, juss so u can go on heavens stairways
Even through the wrong things, i still say its okay
ill help u out u out whenever u need it, no need to repay

ill take the blame
whenever you get in trouble
Just call my name
and im there on the double

For a friend
ill take a bullet
Thats how i live life
its tottally worth it

Help you out
through tough times
so dont pout
for you ill commit crimes

If you were to die, life for me would lose its meaning
my friend no lie, i would just want to stop breathing

So live life postive
Knowing im there
You'll never want to be negative
Making a friend grin
is my motive
Just to make your day
ill buy all expensive
Make a mistake
ill forgive
cuz all i ever wana do
is just give give

I'll help clear away your stress
Help you reach your success
Now let me confess
With out a friend,
in life you wont progress

Every friend is special
treat them like a treasure
Lose them and its a hassle
You'll regret it forever

I know im so nice
But please dont take my kindess for my weakness
Im always here to give you advice
Being friends is true happiness

And let me tell you in one last line
Finding a friend like me
Happens only once in a lifetime

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